Eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletic competition is governed by the rules and policies established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA), and Trine University.

The Trine University reference guide to NCAA rules and regulations is designed to provide alumni and friends of Trine with an understanding of NCAA and MIAA rules and regulations governing the conduct of Trine Univeristy athletic programs.

Satisfactory Progress Credit Hours

Every student–athlete must earn the minimum required total number of credit hours. The required totals are based on the number of semesters of attendance as listed in the following table.

Semesters of Attendance

Minimum Credit Hours Required

1 9 (entering freshman) | 12 (transfer student)
2 24
3 36
4 48
5 60
6 72
7 84
8 96
9 108
10 120

To be eligible to compete in a given sport for more than one season at Trine University, the student–athlete is also required to successfully complete a certain number of credit hours before the next season of competition.

To Participate In

Credit Hours Completed

2nd season of competition 24
3rd season of competition 48
4th season of competition 72

Any questions contact:

Dan Callahan
Compliance Coordinator

NCAA Compliance